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Our Solutions

Effective Technology

We simplify and integrate agricultural work processes with technology that reduces technical inefficiencies in value chains and adds value to farmers, food processors, and agribusinesses in Africa.

Economic Empowerment

We increase smallholder farmers profitability by providing real time information on highly demanded products, critical farm activities needing their attention to maximize yield and buyers' distribution channels.

Access to Global Market

We provide access to buyers distribution channels making it easy for farmers to grow products with a customer focused approach, reducing waste and meeting the growing global demand.

Grynd is an agritech platform providing comprehensive value-chain solutions to farmers and non-farmers in the african continent.

We provide various actors with access to key information, improving decision-making, land productivity and income.

Our Goal

We aim to change existing stereotypes of poverty and illiteracy associated to farmers and farming by making agriculture fun and economically attractive to farmers and non-farmers.

Our Objectives

Simplify work processes to encourage further participation of non-farmers, removing barriers and demonstrating the true value of the sector.

Provide service as a software (SAAS), increasing participation of both farmers and non-farmers to the agricultural sector.

Improve crop decision making processes and empower farmers increasing Productivity & Income.

Analyze & utilize duration, identify loopholes & pain points to further optimize work processes and resource utilization, empowering progress and development.

Our Processes

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User signs on to the app inputting relevant information required to validate user authenticity. Once user authenticity is confirmed, user logs into the Grynd App.

User registers farm on the platform submitting key information to effectively map users farm to global crop demand published on the platform.

User accepts crop to grow and follows clearly defined operational steps to ensure compliance with global standards.

Once crop is ready for harvest, user requests for approval to harvest. On receipt of approval, user is provided with logistic steps to deliver product to buyer.

We provide a multi million-dollar marketplace for agro-products, thereby ensuring a seamless connection between farmers, companies and buyers.

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